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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas matters in Colorado impact both surface rights and minerals rights, affecting many people in different ways. Our firm represents clients who own land and/or minerals and are having issues with oil and gas companies.

Along the Front Range, a large oil-rich basin underlies Colorado’s many booming communities. This creates a wide and unique array of challenges for the oil and gas industry and the general population. In western and southern Colorado, gassier basins underlie less populated parts of the state, creating a different set of disputes between industry and landowners. We offer extensive oil and gas law experience to help navigate these challenges and disputes in efficient and intelligent ways.

Oil and gas law is a unique blend of contract and property legal principles governed by local and state regulation, statutes, and court decisions. It is common for an imbalance of information and knowledge to exist between landowners and the oil and gas industry, with the industry often supported by a team of in-house and outside attorneys.

Members of this firm focus their representation specifically on non-industry clients, including municipalities and local governments, real estate developers, farmers, ranchers, associations, homeowners, landowners and mineral owners. We are experienced in negotiating leases, contracts, and deals with oil and gas companies, and do not hesitate to litigate as necessary. For oil and gas matters, we have appeared on behalf of landowners before Colorado District Courts in Denver, Weld, Adams, and Lincoln counties, the Colorado Court of Appeals, Colorado’s Federal District Court, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the state’s oil and gas governing body.